Photo via dstelecom

2nd Intelligent Submarine Cable installed in Portugal

A 2nd prototype of a submarine smartcable, which will allow further collection of ocean data, was, recently, installed in the vicinity of the port of Sesimbra, by the K2D team, led by dstelecom.

The 2 km long cable was installed in the open sea and up to depths greater than 100 meters. Through further acquisition of real-time data on seismology, tsunamis, cetaceans and marine traffic, it will allow the creation of analysis models based on geoinformatics and AI, in order to extend the scope of monitoring and the spectrum of knowledge of the inner ocean. Besides data gathering, it will also help in the management of marine protected areas.

Sesimbra was the chosen location, due to the fact that it is part of the Infante D. Henrique Technological Free Zone (ZLT) for maritime technology experimentation. The installation took place under the K2D project, and proposes to develop a disruptive monitoring system, on a global scale for the oceans, based on submarine cables and capable of dealing with different depths.

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