3rd High-Level Industry-Science-Government Dialogue on Atlantic Interactions

  • DATE
    7, 8 May, 2018
  • Venue
    National Library
    Praia, Santiago Island, Cape Verde

The purpose of the 3rd High Level Industry-Science-Government Dialogue was to present and discuss the progress of the implementation of the AIR Centre, along with an updated exchange of information regarding scientific and technical developments, as well as the ‘institutional ecosystem’ of the AIR Centre. The meeting concluded the first phase of preparation and marked the transition to the operational phase of the AIR Centre, counting with more than 120 participants coming from 13 different countries and representing around 30 organizations.

The program included a first day of plenary sessions and a second day with four workshop sessions covering a wide range of scientific topics related to space, ocean, climate, energy and data science. Through the signature of the “Praia Declaration“, the progress achieved in establishing the AIR Centre was confirmed, namely the setting up of a non-profit association to develop the AIR Centre, the preliminary definition of the R&D priorities and the identification of the initial set of S&T initiatives in a way to provide, promote and foster the basis of a truly international organization.