Marine robotics: Coordinated autonomous ocean and air vehicles

The main objective of this PhD project is to develop novel ocean observation techniques with coordinated autonomous ocean and air vehicles. This interdisciplinary project is focused on on-board data assimilation using statistical models and on adaptive sampling. The project will be conducted at the LSTS – Underwater Systems and Technology Laboratory of the University of Porto. It is strongly aligned with ongoing national and EU-funded projects on ocean observation with multi-domain robotic vehicles. Topics of expertise in the LSTS include planning and execution control, integration of modelling and adaptive sampling, and algorithms for finding, tracking, and sampling dynamic features of the ocean. Applications include studies of river plumes, coastal fronts and internal waves.

Notice of the call
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AIR Centre PhD grants are aimed at applicants enrolled or that comply with the requirements to enroll for PhD related studies and who wish to carry out research towards this degree. Students graduated in a field of engineering associated with Electrical and Computer Engineering (including Electronics and Telecommunications) may apply. Other profiles are likely to be accepted, especially in Computer Science, Physics or Energy and Environment. Scientific Publications in the topic are a plus.

Summary of work plan
Thew works plan will be organized in several phases:

  1. Study of relevant techniques and technologies. This will be articulated within the Doctoral programme courses as well as with a guided study;
  2. Identification of the problem to be addressed;
  3. Survey of the state of the art;
  4. Identification of the approach to the problem;
  5. Formulation of the problem;
  6. Development of the approach;
  7. Simulation and filed studies;
  8. Analysis of the results;
  9. Writing of PhD Thesis.

Name(s) of supervisor(s)
João Tasso de Sousa – FEUP, University of Porto
Renato Mendes – University of Porto

Name(s) of hosting institution(s)
Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto.

Identification of PhD program
PhD Program in Electrical and Computer Engineering (PDEEC)

Please check PhD program’s website for application deadlines here.

Jury Composition
António Pascoal (Chairman), Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal
Paulo Relvas, Universidade do Algarve, Portugal
Javier Gilabert, Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena, Spain

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