Monitoring and Assessing the health of Mangroves

Summary of the work plan

The research, in the fields of ecology and conservation with a nature-based solutions approach, will make use of decision models based on Earth observation for conservation, restoration and monitoring strategies of the ecosystem services provided by mangroves, including carbon capture, prevention of coastal erosion, sediment trapping, provisioning of timber and fuel wood, protection against floods and storm surges, spawning and nursery habitat for commercial fish species, as well as cultural services such recreation and aesthetic appreciation. Mangroves are crucial contributors to human wellbeing in their distribution area and the outcome of this research is expected to strengthen biodiversity conservation, reduce degradation in mangrove ecosystems, and facilitate the adaptive capacity and long-term sustainable livelihoods of communities living in and around mangrove areas.

The research will be conducted at the University of Coimbra in collaboration with the Botanical Center of UAN – University Agostinho Neto, Angola, LAMCE – Laboratory of Computational Methods in Engineering from COPPE – Coordination of Postgraduate Engineering Programs at UFRJ – Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, UFPA – Federal University of Para, UFBA – Federal University of Bahia, CERSGIS – Centre for Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Services at the University of Ghana, and NIOMR – Nigerian Institute for Oceanography and Marine Research.

Notice of the call
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Students with research work carried out at the Master’s level in areas related to the Biology, Ecology, Biodiversity or students with relevant curriculum from the point of view of scientific investigation in these areas or similar.

Name(s) of supervisor(s)
Supervisor: Helena Freitas, University of Coimbra
Co-supervisor : António Gouveia , University of Coimbra

Name(s) of hosting institution(s)
University of Coimbra

Identification of PhD program
PhD biosciences (specialty area of Ecology), University of Coimbra

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