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Value-added data services for the AIR_DataNET repository

This PhD research work in the area of data science aims to develop added-value data services for geospatial data management and analysis platforms, such as Open Data Cube,, to support advanced and complex simulation models of the ocean and atmosphere. The research will focus on data exploration services and interactive computing. This dissertation work will be done in the context of AIR_DataNET, a computational infrastructure serving the AIR Center, Therefore the work developed in this thesis aims to develop added-value data services for the AIR_DataNET repository. The PhD candidate will work at MACC / University of Minho.

AIR Centre PhD grants are aimed at applicants enrolled or that comply with the requirements to enrol for PhD related studies and who wish to carry out research towards this degree. The following candidates may apply:
– Candidates with a Master Degree in Informatics, Computer Engineering, Computer Science or a Master Degree in equivalent areas;
– Candidates graduated in Informatics or equivalent, and with a relevant academic, scientific or professional curriculum.

Summary of work plan
This PhD work focus on the topic of interactive data science[1] aiming to develop added-value data services  for the AIR_DataNET repository, enhancing the user experience and the ability of stakeholders from diverse backgrounds and domains to explore and use the data in the repository. The services should enable rapid data discovery by automatically updating, joining, and homogenizing data layers in space and time. The research activities should make the best use and explore synergies of the AIR Centre’s Earth Observation Lab infrastructure and will focus on the following data services:

  • interactive data discovery
  • data selection and spatial/temporal resampling
  • data retrieval services
  • tools for integration of heterogeneous data from multiple sources, enabling a very large capacity federated data infrastructure
  • data visualization and interactive exploration
  • interactive computing services – computational notebook services (e.g. jupyter)

[1] Tim Kraska. Northstar: An Interactive Data Science System. PVLDB, 11 (12): 2150-2164, 2018.

Name(s) of supervisor(s)
Supervisor: Ricardo Manuel Pereira Vilaça, University of Minho/MACC; INESC TEC
Co-supervisor: Susana Alexandra Barbosa, INESC TEC

Name(s) of hosting institution(s)
University of Minho/MACC – Minho Advanced Computing Center, Portugal

Identification of PhD program and its deadlines
PhD in Informatics, offered by the University of Minho

Please check PhD program’s website for application deadlines here .

Jury Composition
Luisa Bastos (Chairman), University of Porto, Portugal
Rui Oliveira, INESC TEC, Portugal

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