AIR Centre highlighted in the EC’s Stories from the Regions

AIR Centre is highlighted in the European Commission series episode  “Stories from the Regions”. Set against the backdrop of the Park of Science and Technology TERINOV, based in Terceira Island, Azores, the video is part of a series showing testimonials from people benefiting from EU-funded projects in the regions.
In this video, our Chief Technology Officer, Pedro Freire Silva, and Executive Director of TERINOV, Duarte Pimentel, guide the viewer through two important projects based in the park, that not only disseminate scientific knowledge to the region and beyond but also create new curricula for high-level employees, some of them originally from Terceira Island, who now have incentives to build their professional careers closer to their families. The AIR Centre is such a case, with a team composed of international and also local professionals, who went to study outside the island and now had the opportunity to return and work with technologies that can potentially develop new solutions to address global challenges related to climate change, food security and improving our knowledge about the ocean.
Founded 4 years ago in the old facilities of the University of Azores, TERINOV supports entrepreneurs and researchers in developing new ideas and transforming innovative projects into business real. In 10 EU-funded research projects, they develop solutions to meet regional challenges.

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