Atlantic Innovation Week 2023

Where policy, science, technology and industry construct a healthier planet

  • March 10, 2023 | by AIR Centre

Aiming to stimulate research and innovation across the Atlantic, the AIR Centre and TERINOV, Terceira’s Island Science and Technology Park, in partnership with the Municipality of Praia da Vitória, are organising  second edition of the Atlantic Innovation Week (AIW).

As in the previous year, the AIW 2023 will focus on promoting key initiatives, which the AIR Centre and TERINOV are co-coordinating with its regional, national, and international partners, seeking to foster new ideas and solutions that will contribute to a healthier and more sustainable future. The aim is to seek solutions for global challenges that society faces today, arising from imbalances of natural ecosystems, climate change and environmental degradation, demographic changes, technology disruption and its impacts.

AIW 2023 sessions will be aligned with the ambitions set by the Azores and in line with the region’s new smart specialisation strategy, aiming to provide relevant ideas and inputs on how the Azores can benefit from stimulating and accelerating collaboration in research and innovation from initiatives around the Atlantic.

The AIW 2023 brings together policy, science, technology and industry, and multi-level stakeholders that will have the opportunity to address distinct issues. By connecting international governments to regional businesses, new international projects (that join entities working in ultra-peripheral regions and international partners) will be explored, addressing the potential of venture capital and public funding to the sectors that connect Space and Oceans, among others.

The Azores, 9 islands sustainable by nature in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, have an exceptional location to explore bold new ideas and solutions which can be scalable to the world and with a relevant impact in society. During the AIW 2023, the collective minds of government representatives, companies, key selected research organizations and outstanding individuals will come together to address and debate innovative solutions for the pressing challenges imposed on our planet, urging for resilient actions that can contribute to a brighter future of the younger generations.

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AÇORES-01-0145-FEDER-000133 Internacionalização PCTTER – Associação Parque de Ciência e Tecnologia da Ilha Terceira

ACORES-01-0145-FEDER-000138 – Internacionalização do AIR Centre no âmbito dos desafios sectoriais dos Açores

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