AIR_DataNET will act as the AIR Centre data foundry, enabling the fulfilment of its research objectives. It will include a Data Catalogue to maximize the impact of AIR Centre research outputs. It will host other initiatives such as Atlantic Data Cube and Atlantic GEOSS.

Posted 2018-01-12

The purpose of the AIR_DataNET is to enable and support a very large capacity federated data infrastructure providing ready-to-use data focused on the scientific domains of the AIR Centre and to provide a one-stop shop data management facility for Open Data storage, processing and retrieval facility, a FAIR Data & Metadata Catalogue, Persistent IDs and versioned mid & long-term storage.


The AIR_DataNET is a cross-cutting initiative, which directly supports the work plans pursued within the Societal Benefit Areas.


The collaboration agreement for founding the AIR_DataNET was signed in January 2018, and was the first agreement of the AIR Centre.


Initial partners are FCT (Portuguese Research Foundation), Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) and Minho University (UMinho). Ongoing discussions with Brazilian research centres and other potential partners are under way.


Contact point: Rui Oliveira (UMinho) or AIR Centre team