AIR Centre

For the benefit of the Atlantic societies

A new long-term platform for scientific and economic cooperation across and along the Atlantic, based on existing research capacities and infrastructures.


The AIR Centre is a knowledge and data driven organization, enabling innovative work through bottom-up initiatives that will face new and greater challenges and R&D gaps within the 6 Societal Benefit Areas aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It works for the benefit of the people, adressing global challenges:

 - Understanding, Predicting and Adapting to Climate Change

 - Understanding the Atlantic ocean for a Healthy & Productive Ocean

 - Clean, Affordable and Secure Energy for All


The AIR Centre is a network organisation with a lean central structure with head office in Praia de Vitória (Terceira/Azores). Together with national nodes representatives, the core team will work with the affiliated research infrastructures and companies to develop an internationally competitive environment, stimulating scientific and entrepreneurial development, enabling investment and attracting national and international stakeholders, in a holistic, integrative and systemic approach to knowledge and new businesses.


The thematic target areas comprise space, atmosphere, oceans, climate-energy, and data science in the Atlantic basin, both with respect to the ocean and its surrounding coastal areas. The affiliated research infrastructures and companies either participate on individual basis, or on organized regional or thematic nodes of the AIR Centre.


To act as a framework for scientific and technological collaboration and development of ideas, policies, research programmes and projects within the context of the Atlantic Ocean, aligning national priorities and global challenges through joint actions.


To advance science and technology for the preservation of marine and coastal ecosystems and for the benefit of all people living around the Atlantic Ocean.


Galway Statement

The Galway Statement is an agreement between the EU, Canada and USA; adressing global challenges on the Atlantic Ocean (EU Press Release).

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The United Nation's 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development set a list of 17 SDGs. These goals cover worldwide social and economic development issues.

First Atlantic Interactions Workshop

First of 3 initial workshops to set an international research agenda on Climate Change and Energy, Space and Oceans (New York City, USA, 10. June).


Belém Statement and South-South Cooperation

Signature of the Belém Statement for North-South cooperation (EU, South Africa and Brazil), and South-South Agreement (Brazil-South Africa).

Atlantic Interactions 1st HL Dialogue

1st High-Level Industry-Government-Science Dialogue, held in Terceira, Azores (20.-21. April). Conclusion to set up working group towards AIR Centre.

Atlantic Interactions 2nd HL Dialogue

2nd High-Level Industry-Government-Science Dialogue; Florianopolis, Brazil (20.-21.Nov.). Signature of Florianopolis Declaration by 8 countries.

Establishment of a transition organisation

Contracting of an Implementation Team, leading to legal establishment of non-profit association hosted by Portugal (Tereira, Azores) in April.

Atlantic Interactions 3rd HL Dialogue

3rd High-Level Industry-Government-Science Dialogue, held in Praia, Cape Verde (May 7-8). Signature of Praia Declaration confirming next steps.

Atlantic Interactions 4th HL Dialogue

4th High-Level Industry-Government-Science Dialogue, was held on 26-27 Nov in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria (Spain).

AIR Centre People

António Sarmento, Chair of the Executive Committee
(President of Directors' Board of WavEC, Portugal)
Carolina Rego Costa, Executive Legal Officer
(Cabinet Legal Adviser at Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Portugal)
Andrei Polejack, Executive Board Member
(General Coordinator for Oceans, Antarctica and Geosciences of the Brazilian Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communication)
Daan du Toit, Executive Board Member
(Deputy Director-General: International Cooperation and Resources at South African Department of Science and Technology)
Joaquín Hernandez Brito, Executive Board Member
(Science, Technology, and Innovation Manager, PLOCAN - Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands, Spain)
Bruno Pacheco, Executive Board Member
(Regional Director of Science and Technology, Azores Regional Government)



+351 96 181 0220

Head Office

Casa da Roda,

Rua Gervásio Lima S/N

9760-472 Praia da Vitória

Ilha Terceira, Azores


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