About the AIR Centre

The AIR Centre is a network for international cooperation along and across the Atlantic, with an integrative approach to the advance and sharing of knowledge of space, atmosphere, oceans, climate change, energy and data science, as well as their interactions. Its central theme is North-South and South-North, East-West and West-East cooperation.


AIR Centre’s head office is located in Terceira/Azores, where the first High-Level Atlantic Interactions event in April 2017 took place, following a series of international workshops starting in 2016.



Societal Benefit Areas



To act as a framework for scientific and technological collaboration and development of ideas, policies, research programmes and projects within the context of the Atlantic Ocean, aligning national priorities and global challenges through joint actions.


To advance science and technology for the preservation of marine and coastal ecosystems and for the benefit of all people living around the Atlantic Ocean.

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