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Workshop on Design for Coastal Resilience

The workshop on Design for Coastal Resilience was held in Accra, Ghana, on 19-20 October, 2018.


This workshop brings together key stakeholders active in Ghana’s entrepreneurship, innovation, technology and scientific research communities to explore opportunities to leverage indigenous forms and networks of R&D to drive expanded models of resilience in Coastal West Africa. Starting with assessment of current challenges and systemic bottlenecks, participants shall use design thinking tools to consider alternative strategies for improving pathways to coastal resilience. Specific focus shall be given to the role and potential for makerspaces to support coupled open-source scientific/technology and open innovation ecosystems, locally and regionally. Insights gained from this workshop shall be compiled and incorporated into ongoing development of an international framework for transatlantic design-led coastal resilience.


This workshop is being organised by D:Lab, AESEDA and the AIR Centre.