Encontro Ciência´18
AIR Centre Sessions – Portugal

  • DATE
    2, 4 July, 2018
  • Venue
    Lisbon Congress Center
    Lisbon, Portugal

Encontro Ciência (National Science Summit) is a Portuguese annual meeting. It aims at promoting a broad debate on the main topics and challenges of science beyond the world of research. Hence, it stimulates the participation and the interaction among researchers, the business sector and the public.

Based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Ciência 2018’s programme was organized around sessions to stimulate the debate on the design of the future 9th European Framework Program for Research and Innovation, 2021-2028.

The AIR Centre was present in two sessions. While the first session was dedicated entirely to the AIR Centre, the second, organized by the AIR Centre, focused on the Belém Statement.


AIR Centre Sessions

  • 11:30 Implementing the Atlantic International Research Centre: on the progress achieved

    › Susana Catita | MCTES

    › Rafael Silva | Gil Eanes Secondary School, Lagos

    › Jose Luiz Moutinho | AIR Centre Implementation Team

    › Rui Oliveira | INESC TEC – AIR_DataNET
    › Joaquín Hernandez Brito | PLOCAN – In-situ Observations
    › Ramiro Neves | MARETEC / IST – Modelling World’s Oceans
    › Samuel Djadvinia | GEO Blue Planet – Earth Observation for monitoring the SDGs
    › Ricardo Mendes | TEKEVER – NewSpace Industry
    › Cristina Marta-Pedroso | TEKEVER – IST – Ecosystems Services and Functions

  • 14:00 The Belém Statement – Scientific Diplomacy in the Atlantic

    › Paulo Ferrão | FCT

    › Gonçalo Zagalo | FCT – The Belem Statement, The Implementation Meeting in Salvador de Bahía (July 2018) and upcoming collaboration project plans

    › Vinny Pillay | Deputy HLG Senior Science and Technology Representative to the European Union, Department of Science and Technology South Africa in Brussels
    › Jonas Guimarães Ferreira | Counselor, Sector of Economic Matters – Representation from the Embassy of Brazil in Lisbon
    › Joaquín Hernandez Brito | PLOCAN- Plataforma Oceánica de Canarias, Spain – A choice of projects and collaborations in the South Atlantic
    › João Miguel Janeiro | CIMA – Universidade do Algarve – AtlantOS Societal Benefit Pilot Actions
    › Frank Neumann | AIR Centre Implementation Team, The AIR Centre as potential tool for the implementation of the Belém Statement