From changing Polar regions to policy responses

Strengthening EU and global climate preparedness

  • DATE
    January 24th, 2024, 2:15-4:00 PM CET

    European Parliament (Room ASP 5G1) & online

    It is possible to attend the event online and in Brussels. Registrations for physical participation will close on the 17th of January 2024
  • This is an event European Polar Board is organising with the support of the and the EP Intergroup EBCD and OCEAN:ICE and Arctic Passion. The event is hosted by MEP Urmas Paet.
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Hybrid Event: From changing Polar regions to policy responses – Strengthening EU and global climate preparedness

This event will showcase the latest findings of OCEAN:ICE and Arctic PASSION on how changes in the polar regions impact European climate, infrastructure and livelihoods. Both the Arctic and Antarctic play a pivotal role in regulating the global climate. Changes at the Poles are having direct impacts on communities around the world. In Europe, an increased number of recent extreme events has shown the urgency of mitigation and adaptation strategies that are based upon multiple disciplines and knowledge systems.

Advancing polar scientific research and well-coordinated observations, dissemination and open access to knowledge are key components of the decision making process. This is emphasized by recent European Parliament resolutions. As attention in Europe and across the globe turns increasingly towards the Poles, European projects including OCEAN:ICE and Arctic PASSION aim to present/illustrate status and implications of their current research and observation activities to highlight impacts on the European Union and beyond.

The work of both projects will contribute to future EU engagement with the polar regions and inform future EU policy and are relevant to the recently released “Joint Communication on a stronger EU engagement for a peaceful, sustainable and prosperous Arctic”, and the European Parliament-commissioned report “Antarctica: What role for the European Union?”.

OCEAN:ICE is co-funded by the European Union, Horizon Europe Funding Programme for Research and innovation under grant agreement Nr. 101060452 and by UK Research and Innovation.

Arctic PASSION has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 101003472.

Source: European Bureau for Conservation & Development