Marine Biodiversity Networking Fridays

Marine Coastal Biodiversity Long-term Observations

On June 16th, 2023, 1-2:00 PM UTC we will have a special session dedicated to the EU project MARCO-BOLO (MBO). Nicolas Pade (EMBRC), project coordinator, will present this initiative which aims to structure and strengthen European coastal and marine biodiversity observation capabilities, linking them to global efforts to understand and restore ocean health, hence ensuring that outputs respond to explicit stakeholder needs from policy, planning and industry. To this end, MBO will establish and engage with a Community of Practice (CoP) to determine end-user needs to optimize marine data flows, and knowledge uptake, and improve governance based on biodiversity observations.

By exploiting synergies with concurrent projects MBO will develop and demonstrate new autonomous technology for biodiversity mapping and monitoring, and data streams from remote sensing, eDNA, robotics, and optical and acoustic observations. Protocols for eDNA-based biodiversity observations are established and validated across applications, taxa and ecosystems. The sequence of the analytical and technical processes for the different use cases will be incorporated into operational Essential Ocean Variables (EOVs) and Essential Biodiversity Variables (EBVs) and included in online reusable workflows, contributing to the free and open access of EU and global biodiversity information facilities, and to support major EU biodiversity directives and global initiatives.

The project partnership will leverage its international activities (MBON, GOOS, OBIS) and participation in UN Ocean Decade Programmes (Marine Life 2030, OBON, ODIS, Ocean Practices for the Decade) to align the MBO work programme to global CoP, ensuring European participation and leadership in global biodiversity monitoring and global science. MBO results will be designed to build upon existing capability and infrastructures and to be relevant to exist frameworks so that outputs can be easily integrated into national, regional (EU and adjacent sea basins), and global observation systems, with no delay ensuring the reusability of the investments Europe is already making in data generation.

This is an Ocean Decade Event.

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Headshot Nicola Pade

Nicolas Pade

MARCO-BOLO: MARine COastal BiOdiversity Long-term Observations

Nicolas Pade holds a PhD in molecular and spatial ecology from the University of Aberdeen (2009) with a focus on marine predators. His research focused on using molecular tools and satellite tracking to determine population genetic structure across ocean basins and local movement patterns. After his postdoctoral work, Nicolas moved into research management, being involved in the creation of the European Marine Biological Resource Centre (EMBRC), European project management, and acting as academic liaison officer for the Marine Biological Association of the UK (MBA) engaging with regional policymakers and the private sector. In 2017, Nicolas became the executive officer for the French national research infrastructure EMBRC-France, before taking over as the executive director of EMBRC-ERIC to coordinate the European research infrastructure. He is also the coordinator of the Horizon Europe projects MARCO-BOLO and eDNAqua_Plan.



Headshot Mauro Rebelo

Mauro Rebelo

Scientist and serial entrepreneur. Professor of Biophysics at UFRJ and founder of Bio Bureau, Mobile Brain and Genecoin. Works with and writes about biotechnology, biodiversity, innovation, science, digitization, entrepreneurship and Bitcoin. Carried out the first successful scientific crowdfunding in Brazil and wants to help young scientists become entrepreneurs. In 2014, was selected for the prestigious Eisenhower Fellowship innovation program. Is a good cook and an amateur saxophonist. Father of Maya and Leo.


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