Marine Biodiversity Networking Fridays

Celebrating Black Voices in Marine Science

On September 8, 2023, 1:00-2:00 PM UTC, we will have a special Marine Biodiversity Networking Friday session with Germain Bebe. Germain will present the Black in Marine Science (BIMS) initiative, a premiere platform that aims to celebrate Black marine scientists, spread environmental awareness, and inspire the next generation of scientific thought leaders. Since 2020, BIMS has focused on establishing and expanding programs, events, and projects focused on 4 key pillars: i) Ocean literacy, ii) Community Outreach, iii) Member Development, iv) Innovative Research. It’s crucial to recognize and appreciate the unique perspectives and experiences that Black scientists bring to the table and work toward creating a more inclusive space for everyone to thrive. By acknowledging and celebrating the achievements of Black scientists and by establishing an inclusive and diverse platform, BIMS will inspire future generations to pursue careers in marine science and create a more equitable and just scientific community.

This is an Ocean Decade Event.

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Germain Bebe

Germain Bebe

Celebrating Black Voices in Marine Science

Germain Bebe is a seasoned executive leader and operations expert with a decade of experience in the non-profit sector, climate-tech organizations, and technology industries. As the newly appointed Chief Operating Officer of Black In Marine Science (BIMS), Germain brings his passion for marine science, environmental awareness, and advocacy for social justice to the helm of the organization.  Germain holds a Bachelor of Science in Urban Planning from Florida Atlantic University and an MBA from West Texas A&M University. His educational background offers a unique blend of strategic planning, business acumen, and socio-environmental understanding, equipping him with the necessary tools to navigate the complex challenges of our time.

Germain’s passion extends beyond the professional sphere. He is deeply engaged with his community and committed to initiatives that promote environmental awareness and social justice. With his strong leadership and unwavering commitment to equity and inclusion, Germain is ready to inspire the next generation of Black marine scientists and contribute to a more sustainable and just world. At BIMS, Germain is excited to collaborate with a dedicated team of professionals and guide the organization towards new horizons of discovery, education, and advocacy. Together, they will continue to make waves in the marine science world, fostering a future where everyone has the opportunity to contribute to and benefit from our understanding and preservation of the oceans.


Barbara Pinheiro

Barbara Pinheiro

Bárbara Pinheiro is a Biologist, specialist in the management of tropical coastal environments, Master and Ph.D. in Oceanography. She is currently carrying out research on the contribution of estuaries to the process of coastal acidification and the impacts on the biodiversity of reef environments. She is a member of the Executive Secretariat of the Women’s League for the Ocean, and the Ocean Decade Mobilization Group in Northeast Brazil, a member of the Black Women in Ecology Evolution and Marine Science (BWEEMS), and a Marine Life 2030 Volunteer..

We will continue with the Marine Biodiversity Networking Fridays during the next months. More information about future sessions as well as presentations and videos from previous sessions can be found here. Please do not forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.  Twitter Hashtag: #netfridays. Expect some very exciting mornings, afternoons or evenings, depending on where you are…

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