Networking Friday with TiNi and Minciencias

Catalyzing the regeneration of life with young people in Latin America and the Caribbean

On Friday 17 June 2022, 1-2 PM UTC, we will have a very motivating session on how to bring young people to the fascinating world of science in Latin American and the Caribbean. Joaquin Leguia Orezzoli (ANIA) will talk about TiNi: Land of Girls, boys and young people and Clara Beatriz Ocampo Duran (Minciencias) will present the ONDAS program, which shows students that science is made by ordinary people who are curious and look for ways to find solutions. This session will be moderated by Nicolás Reyes (UNESCO).

Program (UTC)

  • 1:00 – Welcome remarks, Nicolás Reyes (UNESCO)
  • 1:05 – Joaquin Leguia Orezzoli (ANIA), TiNi, land of girls, boys and young people: Methodology that catalyzes the regeneration of life with new generations and nature as allies
  • 1:25 – Clara Beatriz Ocampo Duran (Minciencias), ONDAS program
  • 1:45 – Q&A moderated by Nicolás Reyes
  • 2:00 – Closing

TiNi: Tierra de Niñas, niños y jóvenes

TiNi is a methodology that links girls, boys and young people to Mother Earth and empowers them as agents of change for sustainable development. It consists of granting them a space of land, which can be from three pots, where they nurture life and biodiversity with love and generate well-being for themselves, other people, and nature. TiNi can be implemented at home, school, neighborhood, and community, in urban and rural areas, and in various ecosystems. TiNi helps to develop active empathy for life and serves as an indicator of the contribution of the NNJ to the sustainable development of their locality.

TiNi is…

  • Recognized as a good practice in Education for Sustainable Development by UNESCO (2012).
  • Recognized by the Ministry of the Environment of Peru as a good practice in Education for Sustainable Development (2013).
  • Institutionalized by the Ministry of Education of Peru as EsVi – Espacios de Vida, present in +5900 schools. (2015).
  • Institutionalized by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education as TiNi for good living, present in +6,000 schools (2017).
  • Recognized as one of the best 7 innovative initiatives in Latin America with social impact by VIVA (2020).
  • Present in Peru, Ecuador (+Galapagos), Colombia, Chile (+Rapa Nui), El Salvador, Canada, Japan and India.

Minciencias (ONDAS)

ONDAS is a program of the Department of Vocations and Training in CTel, of the Vice Ministry of Talent and Social Appropriation, which seeks to attract children, adolescents and young people to science and technology and develop attitudes and skills so that they find in the science and research a passion and a possible life project.

To achieve this, Ondas has a pedagogical and methodological proposal that allows children to question, experiment, check and open the doors of their school to new ways of understanding the world through research, the mediation of their teachers, interaction with expert professionals from different areas of knowledge and constant dialogue with their community.

This is an Ocean Decade Event

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Joaquin Leguia Orezzoli

Joaquin Leguia Orezzoli

TiNi, land of girls, boys and young people: a methodology that catalyzes the regeneration of life with new generations and nature as allies

Joaquin has a Bachelor’s degree from Cornell University and a Master’s degree in Environmental Management from Yale University with a specialization in the role of children in sustainable development. He is founder and director of the Association for Children and their Environment (Asociación para la Niñez y su Ambiente – ANIA) and creator of the character Ania, the methodology TiNI: Children’s Land, the term Active Empathy for Life, and the Bonus on Environmental Services in Values and Education (Bono en Servicios Ambientales en Valores y Educación – SAVE). He is an Ashoka Fellow and has received recognition from the World Economic Forum (2007) and the Ministry of the Environment of Peru (2009). He was awarded with the Miguel Grau National Value Award (2018), the Honorary Diploma from the Congress of the Republic for contributing to the Peruvian society (2018) and the Palmas Magisteriales, Amauta category, by the Peruvian State (2021). Joaquín is also one of the protagonists in the documentary “El Comienzo de la Vida 2” available on Netflix in 190 countries.

Relevant Links:

Clara Beatriz Ocampo Duran

Clara Beatriz Ocampo Duran

ONDAS Program

Biologist from the University del Valle (1990), Master’s degree from the Pontificia U. Javeriana de Bogotá (1994), and Doctorate in Parasitology from the U. de Tulane (2002). She worked as a researcher at the CIDEIM Research Center for more than 25 years. Clara joined the Ministry of Science in May 2020 as Director of Knowledge Generation. She currently work as Director of Vocations and Training at CTeI since November 2021.


Nicolás Reyes

Nicolás Reyes

Clinical Psychologist (PUCE), specialist in Planning and evaluation of social policies (UBA). He has a Master’s degree in Communication. Work experience in Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), public and private sector, United Nations System, among other institutions. He has held various public positions in social areas and has been a university professor. In recent years, he has served as a consultant for UNESCO and UNICEF. He currently serves as Head of the Education Sector of the UNESCO Office in Quito and Representation for Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela.

We will continue with the Networking Fridays during the next months. More information about future sessions as well as presentations and videos from previous sessions can be found here. Twitter Hashtag: #netfridays. Expect some very exciting afternoons, or mornings or evenings, depending on where you are…

If you need any additional information please send an email to Jose Luiz Moutinho.

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