New Initiative Joining +Atlantic and AIR Centre

Copernicus is a huge European effort to provide citizens and countries with data and tools needed to guide positive action towards decarbonization, and the preservation of Ocean Health. The +Atlantic, in cooperation with AIR Centre, was awarded by MERCATOR a new project to promote user engagement and good practices on the use of Copernicus Marine Services across the Atlantic Basin: “Climate & Adaptation User Engagement and Products Uptake”.

Both +Atlantic and AIR Centre have already developed several initiatives where Copernicus Data are extensively used. There is already a portfolio of knowledge, networking and expertise on all our partners, which can be very useful not only to promote the use of Earth Observation data but also to contribute as best as possible to clarify the needs of our community in terms of environmental, climate and oceanographic information, and to express those needs in the form of recommendations to the Copernicus team.

The AIR Centre is motivated to promote this new initiative, seen as a new opportunity to strengthen the links between its partners, and contribute to improve the monitoring and the understanding of the Atlantic Environment.