In order to promote the scientific and technological advancement in the Atlantic region, the AIR Centre includes in its team specialized staff members and affiliated scientists with a distinct curriculum in the lines of action of the Centre.


Chief Executive Officer – CEO

EO Lab – Project Developer

Chief Science Officer

Junior Project Engineer Intern

Project Officer

Administrative Assistant Intern

Researcher in Space Sciences

Events and Network Manager

Executive Secretary

EO Lab
Senior Project Officer

Project and Business Developer

Junior Project Developer

Administrative and Scientific Communication Assistant

Scientific and Project Officer in Geodesy, Geophysics and Earth Observations

Chief Network Officer – CNO

Senior Project Officer and Innovation Manager in Blue Economy

Data Scientist and Senior Project Officer

Administrative and Financial Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Chief Operations Officer – COO

Executive Secretary for MBON and Project Officer for AIR Centre

Scientific Programmer for MBON and AIR Centre

Board of Directors

  • Maurício Guedes
    › President of the AD AIR Centre Board of Directors and Executive Committee member, also Representing FAPERJ, Brazil
  • Carolina Rêgo Costa
    › Legal Adviser of the AD AIR Centre
    › Member of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee
  • Miguel Belló
    › CEO AIR Centre and Member of Executive Committee
  • Nick Veck
    › Representing Catapult Satellite Applications, UK
  • Salvador Landeros Ayala
    › Representing Mexican Space Agency (AEM)Mexico
  • Sérgio Ávila
    › Representing the Azores Regional Secretariat for Culture, Science and Digital Transition, Portugal
  • Selby Modiba
    › Representing the Department of Science and Technology – Government of South Africa, South Africa

General Assembly

  • Paulo Ferrão
    › President of the General Assembly
  • Ana Quartin
    › Representing FCT
  • Paulo Nascimento Cabral
    › Representing the Regional Government of Azores
  • Guilherme Botelho da Silva
    › Representing the Regional Government of Azores
  • James Loveder
    › Representing the UK, BEIS Department
  • Chris Matthews
    › Representing the UK, BEIS Department
  • Joaquin Brito
    › Representing Spain, Plocanalso having the role of GA Secretary
  • Paula Pacheco Santamarina
    › Representing Spain, Plocan
  • Asma Ibrahim
    › Representing NigeriaNASRDA
  • Abayomi Oguntunde
    › Representing NigeriaNASRDA
  • Malik de Pina Lopes
    › Representing Cape-Verde, IMAR