A-AAGORA will demonstrate via technological, social, logistic and economic innovation actions the reduction of pressures in coastal areas, through the application of ecosystem-based management and nature-based solutions to boost resilience to climate change and mitigate its impacts. It supports the EU Mission “Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030” by responding to the need to protect and restore marine and freshwater ecosystems and biodiversity, to protect coastal ecosystems vulnerable to climate change and to mitigate the effects of climate change, while promoting societal well-being.


The “EU Mission ‘Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030” aims to improve the health of our oceans and waters, reflecting the political ambition of the European Green Deal. It is one of five EU Missions, working towards a greener, more inclusive and resilient Europe and globe. A-AAGORA is structured to support the EU Mission on “Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030” within the Atlantic and Arctic basins (Atlantic- Arctic Lighthouse), by responding to the need of protecting and restoring marine and freshwater ecosystems and biodiversity.

A-AAGORA aims to develop the implementable Nature-based Solutions through innovative governance structures and technological architecture. It targets to boost resilience to climate change and mitigating its impacts in coastal areas. It develops Nature-based Solutions at three replicable Demonstrators (Portugal, Ireland and Norway), which can upscaled, and seeks improved public engagement and enhanced decision-making processes. It builds on the successful implementation of Nature-based Solutions at the Demonstrators sites to which the necessary socio-technological tools will be produced, and the synergies between researchers, decision-makers, local communities, industry and SMEs will be fostered. Moreover, it will draw up blueprints and roadmaps to replicate and scale up the restoration solutions and actions, contributing to Mission Ocean’s development and the piloting phase of the Atlantic-Arctic basin lighthouse.

A-AAGORA will demonstrate that restoration of aquatic ecosystems is possible at a large scale through reduction of pressures, Ecosystem-Based Management, and effective Nature-based Solutions including blue reforestation to boost coastal resilience to climate change impacts. As well, A-AAGORA will target marine ecosystem restoration in coastal communities particularly vulnerable to the risks of sea level rise that urgently need to adapt to ensure their population and infrastructure are safe, climate-proof and weather-resilient. The design of innovative architecture, enabling interoperability with other systems will also foster a more ‘digital ocean’.

The multidisciplinary A-AAGORA consortium involves 30 Partners with complementary expertise on policy, governance, ecology, environmental economics, stakeholder engagement, technology development, business and international forums. AIR Centre’s role in A-AAGORA includes the promotion, setup and engagement of a Community of Practice, facilitating cooperation and communication channels with relevant initiatives and projects, and implementing training towards increased ocean literacy, engagement and co-ownership within the local communities.

Acronym: A-AAgora
Title: Atlantic-Arctic Agora
Start-End: December 2022 – May 2026
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