The project arises from the need to fill several gaps in the Atlantic Ocean (among others). Identified as a need by the Portuguese government, the idea is to involve several countries around the ocean and identify the most important use cases that can benefit the society. This is to be pursued as a business that can leverage the Portuguese space industry but also that can create indirect economic effects with downstream applications. Several use cases and respective problems have been identified. For all of them there is a transversal problem: lack of information. The Atlantic Ocean is large and unpopulated with few ships per square meter and no infrastructure. Nevertheless, the quantity of interesting information is large and there is a need to collect it. Additionally, it is of upmost important to transmit it on time to be still usable. This de-risking activity tackles this generic problem in the themes identified in the Blue Worlds Vision through the eyes of different stakeholders, engaged to contribute and validate user requirements from the start of the project. The stakeholder engagement will be coordinated with many other activities, such as the work already conducted by AIR Centre within its own network and beyond, the work conducted by GMV within the Blue Economy contract from the ESA Atlantic Regional Initiative for earth observation domain, and the work developed by LUSOSPACE as space segment provider.

Acronym: ATON
Title: Atlantic Observation Network
Start-End: June 2021 – September 2022

This project is financed by: