FPCUP Action 2021-2-42: Copernicus Uptake for the Maritime Sector SGA20

Copernicus is an Earth Observation program that provides global data in a sustainable and reliable way. Many countries are facing challenges concerning the sustainable development of certain sectors, and this action targets the use of Copernicus data across the maritime sector, focusing on Ports and Harbours, Aquaculture and Fisheries. This action will promote the engagement with stakeholders from these 3 sub-sectors including public entities with responsibilities in managing the sector – from local to regional authorities, and companies whose core business is related to any of the sub-sectors.


Ports and harbours face various challenges regarding management and sustainability (e.g. bathymetry changes, infrastructure maintenance, water quality, sea state) that can be supported by Satellite data. Aquaculture is currently one of the fastest growing food sectors in the world, due to the continuing increase in demand and quality of seafood and limited potential to increase wild fishery catches. A balance is however required in order to keep it both profitable and environmentally sustainable. Satellite data can be a key tool to identify suitable areas for farming as well as to evaluate the impact in the environment but also very relevant for aquaculture daily management allowing to establish early warning alerts for different water quality parameters (chemical, physical and biological, such as Harmful Algae Blooms). Fisheries is also a very relevant maritime sector where there is still potential to increase Copernicus uptake in the fishing operations side (e.g. identify areas of higher productivity, sea state maps for safer operations) but also supporting local and national authorities detecting illegal activities. Each of these sub-sectors may require different data processing or specific data analysis but have also common information needs (e.g. water quality, sea state prediction).

In order to address the specific needs of these users and enhance the uptake of Copernicus across the maritime sector, this action includes 3 lines of activities: i) Awareness, assessment of needs and training, ii) Promotion of dedicated match-making events/platform; iii) Catalogue of use cases for the maritime sector.

Acronym: FPCUP Action 2021-2-42
Title: FPCUP Action 2021-2-42: Copernicus Uptake for the Maritime Sector SGA20
Start-End: October 2022 – September 2024
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