NextOcean – Next Generation of Fishing and Aquaculture Services

The societal need for sustainable exploitation of aquatic resources, requires support to monitoring need to ensure sustainable fishing, increasingly resorting to aquaculture, and a tighter control on fishing activities provides an opportunity for commercial EO services in this area.

Based on Copernicus and GEOSS data and resources, it is now possible to implement commercially-oriented services for:

1) fishing authorities wishing to have an improved control over marine resources;
2) responsible fishing companies willing to certify their compliance to sustainability by ecolabeling fish provenance;
3) the fast growing aquaculture industry assessing their risks and potential revenues;
4) aquaculture regulators in understanding the impact of fish farms, in order to decide based on bespoke scientific solutions.

NextOcean is proposed by a consortium of companies, research institutions, a business school and a buyers group supporting the development of innovative services. It targets fishing and aquaculture by proposing EO commercial services for the public and private sectors. It builds on past activities, proposing an integrated solution.

The services will address 4 User Scenarios:

1) Monitoring Fishing Activities and Impact;
2) Minimisation of Bycatch and Ecolabeling;
3) Monitoring Aquaculture Impacts;
4) New Fish Farms.

The involvement of the potential clients is done progressively, with an initial group of Alpha Users already engaged, supporting co-design of solutions.

The buyers group is then enlarged to a wider group of beta testers and potential clients, who will define further evolutions, and the path to integration into their decision-making processes.

NextOcean will define clear KPIs and success criteria for the services, including on the integration in the value chain.
Dedicated workshops and training sessions will be held with the larger community, where the services will be advertised, explained and assessed in light of the interests and knowledge of the communities.

Visit the project’s website for more information and follow the project’s social channels for updates: Twitter and LinkedIn.

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The NextOcean project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101004362