Vinhas da Terceira – A Digital Platform to support Decision-Making on Agricultural Management Practices of Vineyards in Azores

This activity creates a prototype digital platform to support decision-making on agricultural management practices of vineyards in the Azores. The pilot installed four SOFIS demonstrators on Terceira Island. SOFIS is a modular system based on low-cost fixed sensors that collect real-time in-situ data from the vineyards. Additionally, the producers send information regarding the health status of the plants and all the data is stored in a database. Statistical analysis and AI are used to identify health trends based on local context and in-situ data. A platform is developed to support the managers of vineyards with decision-making, in a preventative rather than responsive manner.


Satellite data, including Sentinel-2A/B, will be used along with in-situ data. One of the satellite-based products to be explored, the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), is informative about vegetation and its status, as well as in the detection of diseases. The variation of this index in each vineyard will be monitored throughout this study. Considering that this exploratory prototypical activity has a strong research component, other indexes will be considered.

Data processing and data analysis are at the core of the activities, but the collaboration of the producers with regular health status feedback and other feedback such as pruning events, fertilization, harvesting, and occurrence of pests and diseases is crucial. It is based on the information provided by the producers that the system can “learn” associations between the various data sources and health-related events that can potentially inform the algorithms that will provide future insights for more effective management of the vineyards.

Title: Vinhas da Terceira
Start-End: July 2022 – June 2024

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