Promoting science Internationalisation and technological growth in the Azores, and in pandemic times

  • march 25, 2020 | by AIR Centre

The Açores IntAIRsect project will launch Azores and the AIR Centre in research, innovation and technical development opportunities, positioning the Azores Autonomous Region (RAA) in international global value chains.

According to the project coordinator Joana Soares “Every human being can be connected within 6 degrees of distance, using email, twitter or any other form of communication. These connections are the basis of knowledge exchange, innovative ideas and new business that shape and propel our society.” Pedro Freire da Silva, the AIR Centre Chief Technology Officer, explains that “the pandemic challenged the traditional ways of connecting and now, more than ever, it’s of vital importance to create new linkages that allow us to overcome those challenges”.

In alignment with the Strategy for Research and Innovation for a Smart Specialization  (RIS3 Açores 1), specifically in the Priority Axe “Fisheries and Sea”, the project intends to reinforce the development of the scientific and technology ecosystem in the Azores. At the same time, attract researchers in areas such as new information technologies, data science and new models to apply in emerging fields of the sea economy. Consequently, boost regional involvement and investment in this field.

Açores IntAIRsect at a glance

International working groups will be created with a strong representation of the RAA, within 6 thematic areas:

  1. Biodiversity and Marine Resources;
  2. Clean and Healthy Oceans;
  3. Integrated systems from the Seabed to Space;
  4. Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptions;
  5. Sustainable Energy Systems Data Science.

These working groups will collaborate in the preparation of applications for international funding within the scope of the thematic areas and with a focus on regional needs. Furthermore, a key objective of the project is the implementation of joint research agendas between the entities involved in each of the working groups. In this way, the continuity of established collaborations in research and technological development will be fostered and consequently, building permanent platforms for the development of projects of excellence.

The Earth Observation Laboratory (EO Lab) of the AIR Centre hosts Açores IntAIRsect, which is supported by the approach “Earth Observation: Knowledge for a Sustainable Economic Growth and job creation”.

The AIR Centre invites all regional entities interested to participate in the project to contact us.

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1Estratégia de Investigação e Inovação para a Especialização Inteligente da Região Autónoma dos Açores (here)