Scientists Conduct Meteorological Research Campaign in Cabo Verde

During the month of September, experts from British institutions dedicated to the development of meteorological technologies and research, namely Voltitude and StratoSolutions, are embarking on a scientific campaign focused on meteorology and climate research at the Cabo Verde Atmospheric Observatory (CVAO) in São Vicente. The primary objective of this campaign is to observe, collect data, and study meteorological phenomena occurring in this region during tropical storm events, which are quite frequent at this time of year.

The mission is to intercept developing tropical storms as they form and traverse the Atlantic Ocean towards the Caribbean, aiming to enhance meteorological forecasting accuracy. This will be achieved by launching meteorological sondes, every day during calmer hours, to gather essential weather data. The lighter-than-air system from StratoSolutions combines a cost-effective, lightweight, self-navigating high-altitude balloon (HAB) with a micro-sensor distribution system capable of collecting data at regular intervals over several days from remote locations. This innovative approach allows for cost-effective data collection, resulting in reliable and high-resolution vertical observations from remote areas worldwide, which will benefit various sectors and contribute to more precise meteorological forecasting. The primary challenge in forecasting is the lack of meteorological observations in remote areas and regions experiencing pronounced convective activity.

During this 2 to 4-week observation period, up to seven balloons and approximately 25 dropsondes are planned to be launched from the Observatory. For one or two days, balloons may be launched in pairs with intervals of 2 to 3 hours. All launches are authorized by the AAC (Aviation Authority of Cabo Verde) and will be coordinated with ASA (Aeroportos e Segurança Aérea) technicians at the AICE Airport tower in São Pedro.

Via Instituto Nacional Meteorologia e Geofísica