• 2012

    Initial research

    Initial research & policy discussions for space, climate change & energy, ocean & data science for the Atlantic regions.

  • 2013


  • 2015

  • 2016

    1st Atlantic Interactions International Workshop

    › June
    New York City, United States.
    Setting a common scientific agenda on space, ocean, climate change and energy.


  • 2017

    › April

    1st High-Level Dialogue on Atlantic Interactions

    Terceira Island, Azores.
    Set up working groups towards the development of the AIR Centre. Signature of “Terceira Declaration”

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    › July

    Belem Statement

    Signed in Portugal between the European Union, Brazil and South Africa for a South-South Framework for Scientific and Technical Cooperation in the Atlantic Ocean. The AIR Centre is mentioned in the statement.

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    2nd High-Level Dialogue on Atlantic Interactions

    Florianopolis, Brazil.
    The formal establishment of the AIR Centre as a multilateral networked organization for scientific and technological collaboration. Signature of “Florianopolis Declaration“ by 8 countries

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  • 2018

    › April

    Constitution of the AIR Centre

    Constitution of the Association for the Development of the AIR Centre (AD AIR Centre) as a transition non-profit association hosted by Portugal (Terceira Island, Azores)

    › May

    3rd High-Level Dialogue on Atlantic Interactions

    Praia, Cape Verde.
    Establishment of the six lines of action.
    Signature of the “Praia Declaration”

    | Download “Atlantic Interactions 2.0” |
    | Download “Praia_Declaration” |

    › November

    4th High-Level Dialogue on Atlantic Interactions

    Canary Islands, Spain.
    Establishment of a cross-cutting plan of activities. Recommendation of national nodes in 9 countries. Spain as a new member of the AD AIR Centre. Signature of the “Canary Islands Declaration”

    | Download “Atlantic Interactions 3.0” |
    | Download “Canary Islands Declaration” |

    › December

    AIR Centre CEO appointed

    Joaquin Brito appointed as CEO of the AIR Centre


  • Ends implementation phase
    Starts AIR Centre phase

  • 2019

    › April

    5th High-Level Dialogue on Atlantic Interactions

    Victoria Islands, Lagos, Nigeria.
    Recommend the establishment of AIR Centre national & regional offices and affiliated institutions. Support the First AIR Centre Summit (Penn State, USA, May 2020). Support the value of nanosatellites and blue economy. Signature of the “Lagos Declaration” and the “Lagos Letter of Intent”

    | Download “Lagos Letter of Intent” |

    › June

    AIR Centre was granted funding
    for 2019-2024

    From the Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation (FCT) aiming at the installation of an Earth Observatory Laboratory in Terceira Island, Azores.
    Norway signed the “Praia Declaration”

    › July

    The United Kingdom
    formally joined the AD AIR Centre

    Cape Verde and Angola declared their intention to be formally associated with the AD AIR Centre

    › August

    Installation of two AD AIR Centre offices in Brazil