Project Controller and Planning officer

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Location: Lisbon, Portugal – Offices of the AIR Centre

Contract Duration: 3 years

The Atlantic International Research Centre (AIR Centre) has a vacancy for a Project Controller and Planning officer. You will be joining a dynamic and multidisciplinary team and work in the diverse and emerging fields related to Space, Ocean, Energy and Data Science. As a Project Controller and Planning officer, you will work with a blend of technical activities related to managing and controlling projects efficiently and within the proposed budgets ranging from several sources of funding: European Commission, European Space Agency, National funding: e.g Regional and National Operational Programmes, etc. You will also have the opportunity to work in an international  environment involving different stakeholders from alongside the Atlantic Ocean from Africa, North, Central and South America, Europe and other countries engaging with the AIR Centre activities.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Ensure the monitoring, controlling and verification of scientific and technical projects, namely, deadlines, budget, forecasts and risks;
  • Ensure, in alignment with the Project managers, the reporting of the projects execution and planning;
  • Manage the overall projects portfolio (past, present and future budget execution) and present monthly status/progress/performance of the project portfolio to the decision makers in the organization;
  • Contribute to the development and support the adoption of project management procedures, models and systems for an efficient management of the organization overall projects portfolio;
  • To provide support in the systematization and interpretation of information on progress and performance of projects;
  • Liaise with the organization Projects managers and external stakeholders for a continuous promotion of good practices of project management and execution;
  • Contribute to outreach activities related to project results dissemination;

Qualifications and Required Skills:

  • Academic qualifications: Higher education or masters degree in Management, Economics, Finance, Mathematics and related areas in Business, Legal and Information Technologies.
  • Experience in the areas of naval engineering or ocean sciences related to blue economy will also be considered;
  • Experience in controlling, planning and managing projects, at least 2 years, and also interfacing with stakeholders (national and international) is valued for the position;
  • Advanced user of Excel, Power Point and Project Management software/tools;
  • Able to work in dynamic teams, with excellent inter-personal and communication skills;
  • Knowledge of English written and verbal communication skills;
  • Some level of experience in organizational outreach activities would be desirable;

Working Place:

The AIR Centre is a geographically distributed network that aims to improve the development of large-scale joint initiatives, projects and integrated actions, taking advantage of synergies of existing and connected distributed infrastructures, institutions and resources in the Atlantic region with particular attention to both sides of the tropical and South Atlantic areas. Its main purpose is to strengthen research and innovation cooperation among the Atlantic countries to address the challenges of developing a more integrated and connected sustainable blue-economy in the Atlantic basin. It focuses on enhancing scientific and technological collaboration between public and private entities in a wide range of areas related to the marine and maritime environment, based on a network with the capacity to attract scientists and technology-based companies. It aims to accelerate the generation and flow of knowledge of excellence and its valuation in the field of blue economy, including aspects such as climate change, food and energy security, circular economy, maritime technologies and the conservation of marine natural resources.

We pursue the use and management of the marine and oceanic environment in a more intelligent, sustainable and inclusive way. The United Nations agenda for 2030 is an important reference for the AIR Centre, which works to achieve its objectives, developing effective, viable capacities, knowledge and technologies for the region. It aims to improve the mutual understanding and collaboration of countries, regions and entities connected by the Atlantic Ocean, by strengthening cooperation with the European Union and by harnessing the capabilities of its outermost Atlantic territories. Ultimately, it seeks to materialise the benefits of the blue economy in the Atlantic, promoting the skills, knowledge, and technological solutions necessary to address social and economic challenges.

The AIR Centre can reach directly a significant segment of the main stakeholder institutions in a fast and efficient way, accelerating the connectivity and interaction of the Atlantic region. This way, it has a unique capacity to effectively influence the lives of the Atlantic population.

The Headquarters of the AIR Centre is located in Terceira island, Azores at the Terinov – Science and Technology Park, as well have offices in Lisbon at Palácio das Laranjeiras – Estrada das Laranjeiras. The location of this position will be in Lisbon, with some recurrent travelling to Terceira island.

Application Process:

Interested candidates should send a single PDF file (please name it: Name_AIRCentre.PDF), to containing:

  1. Motivation Letter
  2. Detailed CV
  3. Contacts of 1 or 2 references

The deadline for application submission is 16th May, 2022. Selected candidates will be invited for an interview, via videoconference.

Vacancy Notice here