Workshop on desalination capacity building in Senegal

  • DATE
    November 10 | 2022
  • Venue
    Instituto Cervantes, Dakar

This workshop aims at improving existing capacities in the use of desalination systems in Senegal and will be hold at Instituto Cervantes, located in Dakar. This is a hybrid event organized in the framework of the E5DES project (Research and innovation towards excellence in technological efficiency, use of renewable energy, emerging technologies, and circular economy in desalination) by AIR Centre, Technological Institute of Canary Islands and University of Assane Seck de Ziguinchor.

The workshop agenda entails an introduction to desalination infrastructures, detailing subjects relevant for the local situation covering the social and technical dimensions:

  1. Hydric resources availability at national level;
  2. Current situation of water provision and desalination services in Senegal and the regulatory framework for infrastructure development;
  3. Energy provision of desalination units through renewables sources;
  4. Contribution of research in renewable energy and monitoring of desalination units in rural areas;
  5. Conclusions of an open questionnaire regarding the improvement of the technological and scientific capacities for desalination research in Senegal;
  6. West African Training Program in membrane technology;
  7. Infrastructure and training needs for desalination research in Senegal.

The introduction is followed by a round table discussion regarding project funding promoted by local funding entities that incentivize innovation and international cooperation.

This workshop intends to address a target audience comprising local authorities (ministerial and public institutions related with the topic), academic community (universities, polytechnical institutes and research centres) and industrial and other entities that contribute to the desalination related sectors such as water supply management, chemistry, rural development, and sanitation.

On November 11, after all the information gathered in the previous day sessions has been compiled, an inter-regional working group will be organized to assess the possible strategies to foster training and research in desalination in Senegal. Participation in this activity is by invitation only.

The session will be live streamed

The E5DES project – Research and innovation towards excellence in technological efficiency, renewable energy use, emerging technologies, and circular economy in desalination, is co-funded 85% with FEDER funds under the MAC Programme 2014-2020 (MAC2/1.1a/309).

More information about E5DES project can be found here.