Rio 2018 Atlantic Interactions

Workshop for the collaboration and mobilization of Science, Technological and Innovation actors between Portugal and Rio de Janeiro.

  • DATE
    20, 21 February, 2018
  • Venue
    Auditorium of Technological Park of UFRJ
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The ultimate goal of the workshop was fully achieved, with a strong mobilization of the C, T&I of Rio de Janeiro and the presence of 102 participants of 41 institutions and companies highly representative. Among the foreign participants, we had representatives of companies and institutions of research in Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom, in addition to the presence of the Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education of Portugal, Manuel Heitor.

As for the most significant results achieved, highlight the signing of a cooperation agreement between the FAPERJ and the Foundation of Science and Technology (FCT) of Portugal and the set of recommendations prepared by the coordinators of the four sessions of the workshop, which were presented and discussed at the closing session.

Finally, we would like to highlight the manifestation expressed during the workshop, both by UFRJ and FAPERJ, as to their firm willingness to ensure that Rio de Janeiro becomes a pole of the AIR Centre, with a prominent role in the actions of the AIR Centre in Brazil, including, if appropriate, hosting some of its operations in the UFRJ Technology Park.